We are seeking biologists, computational scientists, and engineers with a passion for studying the brain. Future colleagues will join a collaborative lab culture.


  • Graduate - Prospective graduate students can apply to Columbia Neurobiology & Behavior and/or to Biomedical Engineering at Columbia. NBB is administered through the medical school (CUIMC) and is based on general acceptance to the department with students performing 1-3 lab rotations in their first year. The BME program is administered through the engineering school (SEAS) and is based on direct acceptance into the preferred lab with students having a robust course load in the first year (waived if entering with a master's degree).



  • Research Technician - The research technician is involved in multiple projects in the lab as part of a small, collegial group. Great opportunity to gain lab experience prior to transitioning to graduate school. Quantitative or engineering background, a plus. Please contact us and include a CV and the names of at least two references.


  • Undergraduate - Please contact us directly to discuss possible undergraduate research experiences.